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This is the original TeakGuard®, made only in the USA since 1982!
Accept no substitutes and Never Oil Your Teak Again!

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Congratulations on your investment in teak products.
Your teak wood will last for the rest of your life and if properly cared for, probably the rest of your children's lives as well. There is a fairly good chance that you were told that you do not have to do anything to your teak. This is true if you don't mind your teak turning gray and acquiring black or other colored mold growing on your teak.

is a revolutionary finish for teak and other hard oily tropical woods that gives decks, bright work, cabinets and furniture a new and practically unlimited lease on life!
TeakGuard® is guaranteed for one year, in any weather,
not to CHIP-PEEL-FADE. TeakGuard® Super Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for teak on boats and furniture that will reduce the cleaning effort significantly and prepare the surface for a long lasting TeakGuard® finish.

Click here for answers to your TeakGuard® questions.

TeakGuard® and CLEANER made these dried out decks...

Look like this in just a few hours!

This is a real swim platform

It will do the same for your teak furniture too!

With TeakGuard®, you will spend much less time slaving and more time enjoying your teak!
What It Means To Be Green
June 2009

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application notes application insturctions teakguard blog boats cant do teakguard case studies teakguard case study teakguard case study 1 teakguard case study 2 teakguard case study 3 teakguard case study 4 cleaning teak difference between teakguard and everyone else Contact teakguard exporting teakguard faq frequently asked questions using teakguard on teak furniture general notes on teakguard finish and cleaner teakguard guarantee join teakguard as an affiliate or distributor links to good products long term care of your teak removing and preventing mold on your teak things you should never do to your teak things not to do to your teak wood allguards privacy policy getting answers to teakguard questions safe use of teakguard cleaners and finish why sealers fail so quickly sealers always fail sepecial tools you might need special tools What is teakguard super cleaner how does teakguard super cleaner work teakguard testimonials who we are where you can purchase teakguard products suppliers for teakguard local suppliers for teakguard local teakguard stores retail store map retail sales map teakguard products case quantity catalog order your teakguard teakguard products catalog teakguard newsletter Teak Furniture finish Teak Boats and trim finish odorxit odor control products Short sale queen Short sale closer TeakGuard is a revolutionary long lasting finish for teak, cedar, epay, mahogany and other oily woods. It gives teak outdoor furniture, teak patio furniture, teak garden furniture, teak decks, bright work, and cabinets a new and practically unlimited lease on life! TeakGuard stands alone in that it allows moisture (water vapor) to escape by "breathing", while at the same time sealing in the woods natural oils and protecting them from mold, mildew, oxidization and UV light. TeakGuard's combination of UV absorbers and reflectors, provide a high degree of protection from ultraviolet rays, to further extend the life of both the TeakGuard finish and the wood. 4 coats reject up to 95% of the UV light TeakGuard's polymer resin do not support mold or mildew growth, but if mold is left on the wood during the cleaning and preparation process, it will continue to grow on the wood under the TeakGuard. TeakGuard is guaranteed for one year, in any weather, not to: CHIP, PEEL, or FADE TeakGuard Super cleaner is a new approach to cleaning teak. It is pH neutral. It contains no acid or base and requires almost no scrubbing. Spray it on, let it work for 1 minute and brush the gray teak oil, and most other debris off you teak. What the brushing does not remove, a light buffing with bronze wool will remove easily. Rinse and let dry, then apply you TeakGuard Finish in thin coats. Traditional TeakGuard Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner containing oxalic acid that is designed to reduce the cleaning effort required to prepare the surface of teak furniture, teak bright work and decking for a long lasting TeakGuard finish. For years the only finish recommended by westminster teak USA. Better that any oil product, and lasts longer that any teak sealer product. I want to thank the chemist who developed TeaQua. I've always been a fan of oils that are IN not ON the wood and the ease of application, water clean up and the look are outstanding. I heard about TeakGuard from a fellow sailor on one of the forums I visit. I tried it out on teak patio furniture and a red oak bench I built. From that experience I deemed it worthy of being applied to the teak on my Cape Dory 25D, Seraph. What an understatement. I spent 4 weekends removing the Cetol and 1/2 day applying TeaQua. I didn't use one piece of masking tape. I simply cut it in like a trim painter and came behind with a wet rag to wipe up any teakguard that got on the gelcoat. Couldn't have been easier unless done by someone else. Teakguard has caused quite a stir at my marina. Everyone is watching and taking bets on how long it will last. Having watched my patio furniture for 6 months I'm very optimistic. There may be a few varnish types at my marina throwing in the brush and converting to Teakguard. Thanks again for a fine product. R d Austin Tx. Semco, Cetol, Teak Wonder, TeakGuard, Watco, Danish Teak Oil, Gold Teak Oil. The items places, manufacturers and brands listed here are all marine, garden and teak related. 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