Shouldn't You Be Spending More Time Admiring Your Teak Than Maintaining It?

Are you tired of sanding last years' finish off your teak or unhappy with that 'Natural Gray' look?

No matter where your teak is, it requires some maintenance to keep it looking great.  The question is; what products and procedures keep your teak looking great with the least amount of effort? 


  1. Doing nothing at all results in the "Natural Silver Gray" look with black spots of mold.  Not a very pretty picture for your teak dollar.

  2. Using teak oil once or twice a month after scrubbing off the old and discolored teak oil.  Pretty high maintenance!

  3. Using sealers or varnish every year after stripping, sanding and removing layers of teak. Very hard and frustrating work!

  4. Use TeakGuard® Super Cleaner and TeakGuard® Finish to produce a long lasting and easily refreshed finish that requires no real maintenance and only yearly freshening.  No harsh chemicals or VOC's on your teak while getting a beautiful golden, tough water-based finish is the best and easiest solution.

The new TeakGuard® Super Cleaner and the traditional TeakGuard® Finish are specifically designed and formulated to meet the harsh special needs of outdoor teak applications including decks, docks, furniture, seats, hatch covers, swim platforms, bright work and indoor applications as well.

Finishing Your Teak With Anything But TeakGuard® Finish Is Simply Wasting Your Precious Time and Money!

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