TeakGuard is Great For Patios!

TeakGuard Super Cleaner and the traditional TeakGuard Finish are great for use on your patio! Decks, railings, tabletops, furniture, & wooden detailing are all great ways to put the protection of TeakGuard to good use!

Boat Side

No Stress Refresh

When it's time for you to get your patio furniture ready for use, getting your teak back in shape is quick and easy. Just clean the existing TeakGuard and apply an additional coat or two of Teakguard. The new layer will bond with your existing finish, and look as good as new!

Swimming Platform

Keep the Fun Going

Using TeakGuard products on your deck and furniture can keep your wood looking great for as long as you want to use it. TeakGuard products last at least a year, and even longer in many cases, so the condition of your teak isn't going to stop you from getting outside this summer!

Customer Reviews

Been Using This For Years
Been using this for years on both my boat and my teak patio furniture. Would not think of using anything else. - Kathleen R.

Good Product
I have used this product in the past and still find that it does a great job on the floors of a screened-in porch. - Duane S.

So Far So Good
Easy to use and has a nice finish when done. I used it on 15 year old teak furniture that I had previous used 'teak oil' on to protect them. The pieces were covered in mildew in months and the process of cleaning started all over again. I tried this product in January. I finished a piece using the lots of elbow grease, the super cleaner and this product and after three months, it looks brand new. - J.P. Martin

Get your patio furniture ready for a great summer!